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Winter has returned;()

Two nights ago i realized something very valuable. I need some better gear. I was out on a mission, to assassinate Lord Monoko of the Myrogaki clan. I left my apartment in stealth, weapons checked and completely invisible to the average passerby. The problem i ran into was the intense downpour of freezing rain dumped all over Boston. Exactly one hour after the departure from my home I arrived at the hidden lair of Lord Monoko only to realize I was completely soaked to the bone. Clenching my teeth to ease the chatter and twisting the water from my clothing I realized I could no longer be undercover. My shoes were squeaky. My clothes were heavy. I was making dripping noises. This was unacceptable. I would not be able to complete my mission. My stealth was dead....

I need to find out where Christian Bale got that batsuit. it's weather proof.
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