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copied from the journal of X-tina

Name 20 Friends:
1. Tom
2. Sarah VDW
3. Bob
4. Sarah T.
5. Dwyke
6. Dannie
7. Marcianess
8. X-tina
9. Stephanie
10. Justin
11. Nichole
12. Marcus
13. Aria
14. Pius
15. Eriko
16. Iggy
17. Derek
18. Jesse
19. Sarah G.
20. Mike
-Who is 8 going out with? -> ...depends on who she can find to pee on her....
-Is 9 a boy or a girl? -> she is of the female variety
-Would 11 and 2 go out? -> no....but they would make one hottass lesbianic couple:)
-How about 18 and 4? -> i'm not quite sure how Jesse would feel about sarah T.'s vagina....PLUS...she's married...
-What year is 17 in? -> not sure....junior???
-When was the last time you talked to 12? -> A couple of weeks ago...
-What is 6's favorite band? -> i don't know....something gay and danceable though....
-Would you ever date 3? -> umm....how about NO....he has a beard....
-Would you ever date 17?-> No....but i could tell you stories about his brother.... ;)
-Is 16 single? -> Iggy is a playa.....
-What's 15's last name? -> Damo
-What's 10's middle name? -> i have no clue....
-What's 5's favorite thing to do? -> dancing/ having sex
-Is 13 hot? -> Yes....he gets paid for it....oh...and apparently so hot his likeness has been stolen and published....
-Would 14 and 19 make a good couple? -> Well...another one of those married sarah's.....and pius only likes twelve year olds.....PERV!!!
-What school does 20 go to? -> Ohio State University
-Tell me a random fact about 11? -> She has recently relocated to chicago....oh....and HEY COOKALOOKOOO!
-And 1? -> He likes to put ceasar dressing on cold pasta noodles....and has a plethora of kleenex in his room....YOU KNOW!!!!!!!
-Have you ever had a crush on 15? -> in the way that she's SUPA-HOTT and gives me kisses....but she barely speaks engrish......
-What's 4's favorite color? -> my guess is pink...i just asked her....pink/green/red....
-Are 5 & 6 best friends? - actually....yes....or better stated....more of a co-dependant relationship....
-Does 7 like 20? -> i'm sure they did...they get along with everyone...
-Does 8 like 19? -> i think so...i can't see why not?
-How did you meet 2? -> We moved into the same house together in the dead of winter 2004
-How did you meet 17? -> i met him through the marcia...she brought him over my house a few years ago and acted like a psycho:)
-Does 10 have any pets? -> He's OUR pet...
-Is 12 older than you? -> yeppers....by a few years:)
-Have you had oral relations with 3? -> a world of no....oh wait...no....still no:)
-Is 8 the sexiest person alive? -> Oh yeah.....she's so sexy i want to fist her.....
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